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Rabindra Jayanti Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Obcaecati, minima! Read More

Upsides and downsides of Global Issues


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    Education is an important part of our society, which is supposed to improve the economy of the society by generating employment. As a result, many economically backdated people are now living a good life with respect and wealth as they invested their time and money in education.


    Though one of the major objectives of education is generating employment, the employment rate is not optimum. Besides, people who completed some degree only accept jobs in respectable positions but the saddest part is that "job is not available". Hence, despite being educated many people are unemployed.



    Education was supposed to make you free. Education helps to grow a child through a series of steps. In some places, students are enjoying education due to the correct curriculum, proper teachers, and the support of their families. They also have enough time to play and fulfill their hobbies. 


    In some educational institutes, students are not learning happily, rather they are being a part of the modern rat race. Education is not helping them to grow, rather teachers and parents are forcing

    the students to get good marks only. Even those students do not have time for themselves



    Proper education is the only way to be successful in life. Education helps a person to learn the skill and gain experience, which are necessary for a bright future. As a result, students are able to fulfill their dream of being doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, and others.


    Some students are forced to learn and memorize the subjects they are not even interested in. As a result, many students are committing suicide. The main reason behind this is the excessive pressure of education given by the institute or unrealistic expectations of the parents.   


    Open minded

    Education helps people learn about different topics. They learn about society, education, health, world affairs, politics, and others.  Educated people get access to different resources to learn every new thing happening in this world. As a result, they develop a broader perspective of seeing the world and become open-minded.


    Education was supposed to make people open-minded but not all people become open-minded with education.  In this modern education system, each people learn about a specialized topic and become an expert in that. As a result, they develop a "know-it-all" attitude and fail to recognize other perspectives. 



    We know as humans because of our humanity. Right! Education plays a huge role in increasing humanity in the world. Due to the knowledge, educated people understand the scope of improvement. Educated people, who are working hard to make this world a better place, operate many charitable origination, international institutes, and NGOs.


    Have you ever noticed that when an accident happens on the road, who comes to rescue first without any hesitation? No, not the so-called "educated" with expensive clothes and cars. Rather the small teashop owner near the road comes to help you. They even help the injured go to the hospital and keep their belongings safely.

  • FOOD

    Abundant supply of food

    In some parts of the world, more food is available than required. This is true, especially for the economically up-warded section and developed countries. They are getting enough food, enjoying warm meals, and even have food choices. Such as the people of China, Belarus, Croatia, and Finland have the least hungry people. 

    Hungry for days

    However, in some parts of the world people are struggling to make ends meet. People do not have enough food to survive and they do not even know when they last enjoyed a good meal. Such as people of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, South Sudan, and the Sahel region are sleeping hungry

  • FOOD


    People who do not have enough food to eat understand the actual value of food. Food is a resource needed for survival and its real worth is more than what you pay as money. As some people do not know whether they are going to eat tomorrow or not, they start valuing the food. They show their gratefulness to the food and you never hear them complaining about the taste or quality of food.


    When people have enough food, they become ungrateful of that. People who never experienced hunger complain about the taste or quality of the food all the time such as "There is not enough spice", "this food is too oily", "the soup is not tasty" and all that. The main reason they never understand how lucky they are because they never experienced the lack of food.


    Fresh air

    Fresh air is a necessity for survival. Fresh air not only helps you to be safe from respiratory illness, but it can also boost your mood, increase energy levels, lower your heart rate, and even improve digestion.  Some of the countries in the world have the cleanest air such as Australia, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, etc

    Polluted air

    Air pollution is a major problem nowadays, especially in the metropolitan cities. The excessive use of vehicles, different plants, and electronic gadgets is responsible for polluting the air with toxic gases. Hence, people living in polluted areas are constantly suffering from respiratory illness.



    The flowing water has the self-purification capability.  Though it may contain some bacteria and parasites, it is still pure and clean water. These healthy ecosystems provide wildlife habitat and places to fish, paddle, surf, and swim. Besides, clean water is necessary for growing foods, drinking, farming, manufacturing, and others.

    Polluted water

    Whenever the river comes to the plain area, it starts to become polluted due to human activities. Excessive contaminations mix with the water bodies and make it unsafe for further use. Besides, the polluted water is also responsible for spreading different life-threatening diseases. 


    Free Wildlife

    Wildlife is a crucial part of our environment and letting them live freely in forests can have a positive impact on our climate. There is a mutual relationship between the forest and wildlife, which help each other to grow. Animals have an inherent worth and every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and suffering.

    Animal in cage

    Animals are sentimental beings, who can feel joy and pain just like us. Removal of wildlife from their natural habitat has a significant negative impact on them. Studies have shown that when an animal is forced to live in a cage they develop some symptoms called "zoochosis" due to frustration, depression, boredom, and lack of physical enrichment. 


    Organic fertilizer

    Though organic fertilizer takes a longer time to show its benefits, it is the healthiest choice you can make for the soil. Not only does it keep the soil free from pollution, but this also grows the safest food free from toxic chemicals. Organic fertilizers are all natural, which boosts the ecosystem. 

    Chemical fertilizer

    Excessive use of chemical fertilizer leads to the formation and release of nitrous oxide, which pollutes the air. Many studies have also shown that the nitrogenous compounds created from the synthetic fertilizer destroy the natural microbiome of that place. Chemical fertilizer leads to toxic build-up, which can penetrate food.


    Girls education

    Girls, who get the opportunity of education can lead a more healthy and successful life. They can become financially independent, make decisions for themselves, earn self-respect, and create a better life for themselves and their families. Hence, in the first century girls' education became one of the major objectives of government bodies

    Forced marriage

    A survey data from 2021 stated that around 22 million forced marriages are happening in this world per year. This is a human rights violation and affects the lives of many girls and women. Marrying any woman against their will is also a criminal offense but in most cases, the victim does not get any help.


    Privileged child

    Some children get the advantages and opportunities that are not available to all children. The opportunities such as quality education, warm meals, clean clothes, medical support, and some other necessary things. This is necessary for a child to have optimum personal and intellectual growth. As a result, they can lead a fulfilling life as an adult

    Child labor

    Child labor is something, that takes away childhood from a child. This is harmful to their social, physical, and mental development. It interferes with their normal life, which they deserve such as schooling. Child labor is a violation of human rights and it hinders their development as a strong successful person


    Respecting women

    Giving women the love and respect they deserve is a basic skill but women seldom got respect or appreciation for their work in some decades ago. The good news is that the situation is changing rapidly. In this twenty first century, women are living more respectful life than before and achieving success in different fields. 


    Molestation is abusive sexual behavior by one person upon another and mainly women and children suffer from it. It is estimated that around 35-40% of women experienced sexual harassment at least once in their lives worldwide but very few of them seek help due to social stigma or self-stigma.


    Freedom of speech

    These are fundamental rights of a person, which are provided by the constitution of the country. This is one of the important rights of humans allowing them to give their opinion on any topic, to voice their views, and allows them to hear other people's opinions and ideas. As a result, citizens participate in the political and social processes of the country. 

    Restricted speech

    Though freedom of speech and expression is a human right and this right is protected by international law, still, there are many incidents of restricted speech in the world. It has been noticed that powerful people or organization often misuse their power when the freedom of speech of less powerful people can impact the reputation or business of those powerful people


    Happy family

    A happy family is something, where each member of the family lives happily with each other and respects each other. Building a happy family is teamwork, where each person fulfills their duty happily and cares for other members. This is an important part of any person's life as this helps an individual to live happily.

    Domestic violence

    Violence or abuse that happens in a domestic setting is still common in some households. This can happen to children, spouses, or the elderly. There are multiple forms of abuse such as physical abuse, mental abuse, financial abuse, and others. In some cases, the violence against the victim even leads to murder. 


    Living healthy life

    A person who is free from any disease and has all the necessary items to live a healthy life is considered a healthy person. The person also does not show any form of anxiety or other mental stress. This is a major step in living a healthy life. It has been seen that people who are following a healthy lifestyle are able to live a disease-free life in long run.


    This is an epidemic of contagious infectious diseases, which affects a huge number of people. Such as recently, the world faced a huge loss of life in COVID-19, which is the fifth documented pandemic since the 1918 flu pandemic. The disease started in Wuhan, China, and subsequently spread worldwide. The total number of deaths in Corona until now is around 7 million


    Modern Healthcare

    The US, Switzerland, and Norway are the three countries with the most advanced healthcare systems. Modern healthcare means, the healthcare institutions are dedicated to change the way extended healthcare services are provided. The use of advanced technology, numerous pharmaceutical companies, sophisticated academia, skilled workforce, and huge investment are the top things that make healthcare modern. 

    Underdeveloped hospitals

    Low-quality healthcare is holding back the overall well-being of a community. Inaccurate diagnosis, medication errors, lack of skilled medical staff, inappropriate or unnecessary treatment, and inadequate or unsafe clinical facilities are indications of a poor and underdeveloped healthcare system. Low-quality healthcare imposes additional expenditure on families and health systems and mainly the economically backward section is facing this issue. 



    Vaccination is one of the most successful public health interventions for preventing disease. Effective vaccines protect us from many infectious diseases. Vaccination helps to develop immunity in the person so that they can be safe from contagious diseases. Vaccines are available for every age group, from infancy to older people and it helped to reduce the mortality rate by a considerable number. 

    Refusing vaccination

    It has been noticed that some people refuse, delay, or are hesitant to vaccinate. Besides, whenever a new vaccine comes, there is the emergence of the Anti‐Vaccination League, the appearance of several anti‐vaccination journals, and widespread street protests. The main reasons some people are going against the vaccine are stigma, isolation, mistrust of the government/healthcare, and some psychological distress.


    Skilled health worker

    Skilled healthcare workers are directly involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Skilled workforces are the backbone of the medical industry, which is improving the medical sector. Skilled healthcare workers are considered as the leaders of healthcare and society, who promote good healthcare practice and improve the trust of people in modern medicine. Norway and Switzerland are the top countries with the most skilled health workers.

    Lack of staff

    Skilled healthcare staffs are important to handle any emergency cases. However, still, now some major healthcare institutions are suffering from a shortage of healthcare workers. This is not only affecting the healthcare quality but also increasing the burden on the remaining health workers. Some of the country, which are facing the highest shortage of skilled healthcare workers are the UK, Israel, New Zealand, and others. 


    Free healthcare

    Free healthcare is crucial to provide equal opportunity for everyone to receive medical care, regardless of their financial status. There is some country, which is providing free healthcare to their citizens such as Australia, Bhutan, Iceland, Italy, and others. This is an indication that the people are living a relatively good life and are socially secure. 

    Huge medical bill

    The medical bill is a nightmare for people who cannot afford insurance. Especially in some countries, the insurance cost is too high. In developing countries, where people are struggling to make ends meet, health insurance is a luxury for them. As a result, to avoid the medical cost, people are not going to the hospital, searching for cheap and alternative options, and being scammed.


    The impact of the fashion industry on the economy is undeniably positive, with factors such as increased affordability and accessibility contributing to its growth. The wide variety of options available caters to diverse tastes and preferences, keeping pace with the ever-changing fashion landscape. This sense of immediacy within the industry allows individuals to express their personal style and keep their wardrobes up to date with minimal delay. Beyond just clothing, the fashion sector plays a crucial role in promoting self-expression and confidence. Additionally, it provides vital support for emerging designers. The global textile and apparel industry, reflecting this vibrant landscape, is expanding at a compound rate of 6.16%, reaching a significant valuation of about USD 1.5 trillion in 2020, underlining its substantial and dynamic contribution to the global economy.

    The fashion industry significantly contributes to global environmental issues, responsible for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions and emitting 1.7 billion tons of CO2. With a substantial carbon footprint, it generates 10% of the world's total carbon emissions and contributes to extensive textile waste, where 85% ends up in landfills annually. Beyond emissions, the industry poses a threat to water sources, polluting rivers and streams. Furthermore, washing clothes releases 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean each year. Disturbingly, projections from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change indicate a potential 60% increase in textile manufacturing emissions by 2030, emphasizing the critical need for sustainable practices in the fashion sector.


    Technology, especially through social media and video calling apps like Zoom and Skype, has revolutionized global communication, breaking down distance barriers and giving rise to globalization. This was especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, exemplified by Zoom's massive surge in global downloads at the onset of the UK lockdown. Additionally, technology has simplified the quest for love, with online dating gaining popularity. A report predicts that over 50% of couples will connect online by 2035, highlighting the impact of technology on modern relationships.

    While the shift to remote work and automation brings convenience, it can contribute to exclusion and increased loneliness, especially affecting the elderly. Technology also facilitates cyberbullying, with 25% of adults experiencing it, connecting to rising suicide rates. Catfishing, creating deceptive online identities, impacts mental well-being, reported by 9% of survey respondents. Technology during the pandemic heightened the risk of online predators, with a 106% increase in CyberTipline reports during the lockdown, even though a conclusive link to the pandemic remains unestablished.


    People adapt to the pandemic by following government guidelines, reflecting on the distinctions between normal and pandemic situations. Social integration strengthens family bonds, emphasizing care for the elderly. Globally, governments collaborate, as seen with SAARC countries establishing a fund for COVID-19 response, enhancing domestic production and ensuring an unbroken supply chain. Resource optimization and sustainable practices gain traction, reshaping supply chains. Positive attitudes towards essential services highlight the crucial role of efficient supply chains, especially in South Asia

    The global pandemic causes widespread fear and stress, particularly among the elderly, despite biomedical efforts. Countries like Italy, Spain, the USA, China, and Europe are grappling with societal breakdowns, necessitating urgent reorganization for survival. Lower social classes face economic hardships due to disrupted earnings, limiting purchasing power. The education sector experiences disruptions, risking enduring gaps and supply chain issues. The malfunctioning social system contributes to stress, stigma, and depression. A comprehensive, collaborative approach is needed for effective mitigation and recovery.

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    Child Labour

  • Lakh

    Rape Per Year

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    Million Domestic Violence Victim

  • Major Train Accident

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